Python - Pip, Pipenv

See a breakdown of the file formats and features supported in Python.

Debricked currently supports tracking Python dependencies via:

  • Pip, using the older requirements.txt files

  • Pipenv, using the newer Pipfile.lock files


For the fastest and most accurate results, a file containing the resolved dependency tree has to be created prior to scanning.

This can be done using the High Performance Scans technology in our Debricked CLI. By running the resolve command, the CLI automatically detects all manifest files without the recommended lock files and generates the files as needed. The first part of the name is based on the name of the file it was generated from:


Example: .requirements.txt.pip.debricked.lock

If at least one of the supported files is committed to your repository, it will be automatically scanned for dependencies when you have done any of our integrations to your CI/CD pipeline.

Supported file formats and features

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