Manage your commits

Learn how to manage commits in your repositories.

After creating several commits or adding a repository with existing commits, it might be important to be able to look back and see the history of the changes. To see a list of all your commits and manage them:

  1. Click on Repository Settings in the left side menu

  2. Go to the Commits tab

  3. Click on the repository you’re interested in

In this view, you can find a list of all your commits, along with the details:

  • Name - the name of the commit

  • Commit Date - the date and time the commit was created

  • Repository - which repository the commit belongs to

  • Branch - which branch the commit was added to

  • Added by - by whom the commit was added

How do I delete a commit?

If you decide you no longer want to see data from a specific repository and remove it, or if you revert a commit on your end, it might be useful to delete a commit from the list to clean up your data. To do so, simply click the trashcan icon in the far right column.

How long is the commit data stored with Debricked?

Unless you delete the commit data manually, non-default branches will be retained for 30 days, while default branches (main, master) have an unlimited retention period.

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