Add a new user

Learn how to add new users to your company account.

Add a new user to your company

  1. Go to Admin tools in the left side menu

  2. Input your password to enter the administrative mode

  3. In the Users tab, click on the +Invite button

  4. Input email addresses (followed by a space or comma) of people you wish to invite, and set applicable roles

  5. Click on Send invite to complete the process

Every invited user receives a message with an invitation link sent to their email. To complete the registration, click on the link in the email and follow the process. In this step, you are also able to adjust your username and set a password. Keep in mind that the invitation link is only valid for 2 weeks since its creation. It might take a few minutes before you receive the email. If the email is missing, make sure to check the SPAM folder before reaching out to our Support team.

New user set up

Once an invitation has been sent, the new user(s) will be visible under the Users tab in Admin Tools, where you can find their information and current status. Hover over the User status field to see the expiration date of the invite link.

You are also able to filter the users by their user status, simply by clicking on the Filter button.

If the user hasn’t accepted the invitation yet and their status is set to either Invitation sent or Invitation expired, by clicking the three dots button (...) you can choose to:

  • Delete user - which will cancel the invitation

  • Resend invite - which will send out a new invitation, thereby updating the expiration date by another two weeks

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