See more details

Learn how to see more details about a project in Debricked’s Open Source Select.

Open Source Select enables you to see more details of the dependency to better determine their quality and state. After clicking on a specific project, you are able to learn more from the description, Readme (fetched from the project’s GitHub repository) and external links, and dive deep into the Health metrics to truly understand the strengths and weaknesses of the dependency.

Similar dependencies

To help you find new projects, we list two dependencies with similar functionality and their respective popularity and contributor scores. You can use the Compare functionality to compare them to the dependency you are currently viewing.

Health Metrics

You can find a quick overview of the Health Metrics on top of the page, and a comprehensive view in the metric cards below. Each metric card visualizes their practices using multiple charts. You can hover on each practice's position in the chart to see the score of that practice, and if you click on one, all of its features are shown.

Choosing open source components with Debricked's Open Source Select & Start Left - video guide

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