Solve vulnerabilities using Pull Requests (PR) via the API

Learn how to use Pull Requests (PR) via the API.

Assume we have a repository with loads of vulnerabilities. It will take time to go through each one of them and potentially fix them. Luckily, Debricked offers the ability to open a pull request where it tries to solve as many vulnerabilities as possible at once.




We can generate a new bulk pull request for the repository, with ID 15707 in this case (shown in the URL). We can find the branch ID using the get-branches endpoint.

Example: First, we get the branch ID

curl -X 'GET' \  '' \  -H 'accept: */*' \  -H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>

then, we create a new pull request on branch ID 2, enabling notification, not including unaffected dependencies in the PR.

curl -X 'GET' \  '' \  -H 'accept: */*' \  -H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>

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