Repository groups

Learn how to group your repositories integrated with Debricked.

It can be difficult to get a quick overview of all your repositories, especially if you have a lot of them. To make your life a bit easier, the Debricked tool enables you to group repositories together, allowing you to organize your projects, e.g. based on team structure.

A group can consist of multiple repositories, but also other groups. It is also possible for one group to exist as a sub-group in multiple parent groups. Keep in mind that changes made to a group will have an effect in all places the group exists.

You can create groups from the repository view under Repositories:

  1. Click on the + New button and choose Group

  2. Name your new group

  3. Select relevant repositories and/or groups

Once created, the group will be shown with the name and aggregation of vulnerabilities in the linked repositories and/or groups.

Delete a Repository group

You can edit or delete a specific group by clicking on the three dots next to the group’s name. Clicking Edit will open the same view as when creating the group, enabling you to select or deselect repositories/groups included in the group. Keep in mind that if you delete a group, all groups that exist solely within this group will also be deleted.

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